Self-Retracting Lanyards


Rigid Lifelines™ announces the addition of two new models to their line of self-retracting lanyards (SRLs). The new models provide shorter lanyard lengths of 7 and 11 feet for close proximity fall arrest scenarios, and are available for purchase through the Rigid Lifelines™ dealer network.
“There are a lot of industrial applications that require fall arrest lanyards where workers only need 10 or 11 feet of lanyard length. Safety managers don’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars extra for lanyard lengths they don’t need” says Michael Evanko, Rigid Lifelines marketing manager. “Shorter length SRLs like the new Rigid Lifelines 4007 and 4011 models provide a highly durable short length lanyard at a reasonable price.”
Rigid Lifelines new 4007 and 4011 self-retracting lanyards come equipped with Dyneema™ Webbing, a webbing fiber that has an impressive strength to weight ratio, and exemplary abrasion, cut, chemical, and UV resistance. Both models utilize a highly durable zinc plated steel case that is designed to meet the rigorous demands of industry working environments. These SRLs are engineered to be used in both overhead attachment and work positioning applications.
All of Rigid Lifelines™ self-retracting lanyards protect workers from significant fall distance by utilizing cam-driven locking pawls that are engineered to activate during a free fall event and ensure that a typical fall is arrested within 2 feet (.6m) or less. Rigid Lifelines SRLs will also reduce the fall forces imposed on a fallen worker to 900LBs. (4kN) Maximum Arresting Force (MAF) or less. Rigid Lifelines™ SRL lock –up speed, combined with Rigid Lifelines™ rigid track fall protection technology, will provide workers with minimal fall distance, reducing the possibility they will impact obstacles and incur injuries during a free fall event.


  • lengths of 7 and 11 feet
  • come equipped with Dyneema™ Webbing
  • zinc plated steel case
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