Self-Saturating Foam Swabs


General Information

QTEK are proud to announce the launch of their latest product; QTEK IPA/DI Self-Saturating Foam Swabs. QTEK Self-Saturating Foam Swabs have been specifically developed to quickly and cleanly remove contaminants from hard-to-reach electronic components, magnetic heads and all other areas where high reliability cleaning is required.

About QTEK IPA/DI Self-Saturating Foam Swabs

QTEK Self-Saturating Foam Swabs contain IPA/DI fluid, consisting of 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and 9% Deionised water, which is stored in the handle. The Self-Saturating Foam Swab handle is manufactured from clear polypropylene and the swab tip is comprised of 100 PPI foam. The rapid evaporation rate of IPA/DI makes the QTEK Self-Saturating Foam Swab perfect for use in a vast range of cleaning applications in production and electronic environments.

The QTEK Self-Saturating Foam Swab combines solvent and applicator in one convenient unit and the unique design and manufacturing of the swab ensures no risk of cross contamination. To dispense the IPA/DI fluid, simply apply pressure to the handle to allow the fluid to flow to the foam head. The IPA/DI fluid is a non-aggressive cleaner, suitable for use on plastic or metal surfaces.

Advantages of Using QTEK IPA/DI Self-Saturating Foam Swabs

QTEK Self-Saturating Foam Swabs are formulated specifically for the removal of industrial contaminants, and are scientifically proven to remove more contaminants than using wipes or dry swabs in hard-to-reach areas. QTEK Self-Saturating Foam Swabs effectively remove all contaminants from even the smallest apertures without scouring or damaging the plastic or metal surface, to achieve maximum production efficiency.

QTEK Self-Saturating Foam Swabs have a high evaporation rate to leave surfaces clean and dry, and provide superior solvency, as well as good wetting, and dispersing characteristics.


Each QTEK Self Saturating Foam Swabs is filled with 1.4ml of IPA/DI, the unique foam tip is 100 PPI Foam, is rectangular in shape, is 27mm in length and is 14.25mm wide. QTEK Self-Saturating Foam Swabs are available in packs of 50 pieces.

Applications of QTEK Self-Saturating Foam Swabs

QTEK Self-Saturating Foam Swabs can be used for a range of applications, for cleaning surfaces which require precision or are difficult to access.

Physical and Chemical Properties
Appearance: Clear Liquid
Odour: None
Boiling point: 82-83°C
Flash point: 12°C
Specific Gravity: 0.88
Vapour: 4.3kpa @ 20°C
Vapour Density(Air=1): 2.0 @ 20°C
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