Self-Sharpening Flap Discs


FLEXSTEEL a high-performing general purpose flap discs provide high removal rate on any power tool with less torque for users working in light industrial, metal fabrication, and construction applications.  


FLEXSTEEL features a specially engineered zirconia alumina abrasive grain blend that self-sharpens with less pressure, allowing it to maintain a high removal rate on any power tool, including value models with less torque.  FLEXSTEEL provides an economical solution for workers who need a quality, industrial grade flap disc to get the job done.


FLEXSTEEL flap discs are made of abrasive grains that self-sharpen under low pressure and, like the ENDURO-FLEX series, they feature Walter’s unique Eco-Trim backing that extends disc life.


The discs offer a high removal rate and good life on steel.  They offer an economical choice for blending sharp corners, heavy deburring or blending in fillet welds.  In addition, they can withstand lateral pressure to remove material from corners and edges – all of which would normally cause premature wear on the standard abrasive cloth typically found on flap discs in this category.



  • Brings Walter quality to workers with less powerful tools
  • Special zirconia alumina grain blend self-sharpens with less pressure
  • Provides a high removal rate and decent life on steel
  • Trimmable backing extends disc life
  • The more economical choice when blending sharp corners, heavy deburring or blending in fillet welds
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