Self-Tapping, Self-Sealing Fastners


APM HEXSEAL is pleased to announce the addition of self-tapping screws to their growing family of reusable self-sealing fasteners.

Each pre-assembled stainless-steel SEELSKREW™ features a resilient silicone rubber O-ring held captive in a precision-engineered sealing groove. Other sealing materials, including Viton, Buna, and Fluorosilicone, are available.

Installed like a conventional screw, it provides an absolute watertight seal that meets NEMA submersible standards. These self-tapping designs are ideal for sealing portable electronic instruments, gauges, fluid housings, cabinets and other plastic enclosures.

SEELSKREWS™ are offered in slotted or Phillips pan head styles, thread sizes of #2 through 1/4”, and lengths to 1”. Special options include a black-anodized finish.

SEELSKREWS™ are available from stock beginning at $0.14 each in 5,000 quantity.


• Material: SEELSKREWS® and SEELBOLTS® — Non-magnetic stainless steel (passivated). SEELNUTS materials available on request. Silicone rubber per A-A-59588 (ZZ-R-765, Class I & II, Grade 70). Other seal materials available. Note: Type SB SEELBOLTS requirements of MIL-B-6812, material is stainless steel (magnetic). • Threads: SEELSKREWS Class 3 (tight tolerance) threads are available on special order. • Temperature Range: -160°F to +500°F (-106°C to +260°C). • Pressure Range: Up to 20,000 psig (137,895kPa)/vacuum, internal and external, subject to clearance hole dimensions. Check factory for test data. • Shelf Life: Excess of 25 years. • Resistant to: Salt water, weather, dirt, dust, sunlight, ozone and most acids. See O-Ring Chart • Agency Listings: UL and CSA. Installation: Install in same manner as standard fasteners. Standard break-edge practices for deburring (i.e. break-sharp edges of 0.005" maximum) are permissible. Recommended clearance hole depth is 2 to 3 times thread pitch. See detail below. Minimum Thread Length: SEELSKREWS®: For machine screws up to 11.4" long, the complete thread should extend to within two threads (or closer) of the bearing surface of the head. SEELBOLTS®: For bolts up to 11.4" long, the minimum thread length should be twice the diameter plus 1/4" (with a tolerance of plus 21.2 threads or 3/16", whichever is greater). For bolts too short for this minimum, the distance from the bearing surface of the head to the first complete thread shall not exceed the length of 21.2 threads as measured with a ring thread gauge.
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