Sentry Process Monitor


EMS is pleased to announce the release of its new product, the Sentry Process Monitor. The device allows up to four channels of process input information to be monitored and up to four output relays to operate alarm, control, motor, pump, or other devices. Each input of the Sentry Process Monitor can be either current loop (i.e. 4-20ma), voltage input (i.e. 0-5V) logic input (i.e. inductive proximity switch), or "K" type thermocouple. Each input operates independently so a variety of application configurations can be met. A variety of input sensors can be used to meet measurement requirements for speed, level, temperature, pressure, proximity, or any process that is measured by current or voltage sensors. The Sentry Process Monitor is a stand alone unit that requires no PC connection or network dependency. It operates as a complete process monitor. The inputs can be scaled to provide the LCD display with process units that are meaningful to the operator. The Sentry Process Monitor is a low cost solution for many process control and monitoring applications.
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