Separator Pads


Damage can happen to glass at any point along the supply chain, from manufacturing to installation. However, breakage most commonly occurs at three touch points: loading, delivery and unloading. An industry rule of thumb is that each time glass is handled the results are a product loss of one-half a percentage point due to breakage, adding up to millions of dollars in lost profits annually. 

Pres-On is helping manufacturers reduce the costs of broken glass with its complete line of adhesive and non-adhesive glass separator pads designed to offer protection to architectural glass, mirrors and easily scratched metals. Set between the glass pieces, the pads absorb vibration and maintain positioning to prevent breakage. Also, because broken glass is a leading cause of laceration injuries on the job, Pres-On separator pads help reduce these incidences. Supplied in die cut sheets or on rolls, Pres-On separator pads are available in various thicknesses and sizes to meet every need. Non-adhesive or "static cling" pads are self-sticking and will not leave adhesive residue on glass or metal, while the adhesive backed pads are non-marring and easily removed. 

Non-adhesive is generally recommended to protect glass at elevated temperatures, such as when glass first comes off a tempering or IG line, or when it is stored in warehouses during summer months. Three materials are used by Pres-On for its adhesive separator pads: cork, foam and felt. Felt is generally used to protect mirrors and lighter gauges of glass, while cork and foam are for heavier glass. In addition, Pres-On offers combination pads of Cork/Foam and Foam/Foam that hold by static cling. 


  • supplied in die cut sheets or on rolls
  • available in various thicknesses and sizes

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