Series APV Piston Vibrators


Dwyer Instruments, Inc., the preferred source for your complete range of practical and affordable instrumentation, is announcing the release of its new APV Piston Vibrator. Series APV Piston Vibrators come in either APV-C or APV-I. APV-C denotes the cushioned models which makes them suitable for quiet area application. They are a good solution to prevent clogs on tank walls and material delivery problems. Piston impact types (APV-I) also can help to get rid of rust and material accumulated inside pipes. Direct impact on a tank with low S.G. and high moisture material inside will help prevent material build-up and pipe clog or rust. Series APV Piston Vibrators are competitively priced starting at $195.00.


• Temperature Limit: 212ºF (100ºC). • Noise Level Range: APV-C: 60-75 dBA; APV-I: 80-115 dBA. • Supply Pressure: 29 to 87 psi (2 to 6 bar). • Air Consumption: See chart on Catalog page. • Air Connection: BSPT female with NPT female adapter, see dimensional drawing. Also includes muffler for exhaust port. • Housing Material: Aluminum.
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