Series GRM1 Clamps


The PHD Clamp Division is proud to announce the addition of the New Series GRM1 Clamp to the GRM family of clamps.

This compact version of the original GRM Clamp was designed to fit into tight areas. Its lightweight design is perfect for end effector/robotic tooling and maintains superior power. Even at under 1 pound [0.4 kg] in weight (without tips) it provides 225 pounds [1000 N] of total clamp force which is equal to the GRM2. The Series GRM1 incorporates the same simple design as the earlier GRM and has been tested to withstand millions of trouble-free cycles. The mini also uses all of the same standard tips as the original clamp and is fully field repairable.

More benefits of the Series GRM1 Clamp include adjustable hardened impact plates, self-locking internal threads, four jaw openings and optional tips and switches.


• Working pressure – 30psi min – 100 psi max • Body – Hardcoat Aluminium • Jaws – Hardened Steel • Seals – Biderectional piston steel • Unit weight – 0.4kg • Clamp force – 1000N • Max external load – 1334N
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