Servo Drives Bring Servo Benefits at Stepper Prices


Applied Motion Products introduces SV Series Servo Drives.  The SV series are compact 5.0 x 3.0 x 1.75 in. programmable OEM servo drives designed to make servo systems a realistic option in applications that could benefit from their performance attributes, but have historically used stepper systems due to cost factors.  

SV servo drives are available with three flexible control options, and come standard with protection against over and under voltage, over-temp, motor shorts and motor open phase.   They deliver up to 7.0A rms continuous or 14.0A rms peak output current from a 24-80 VDC power supply.  They provide eight digital inputs, four digital outputs and two analog inputs.  Users can choose from an RS232 or RS485 communication interface.  

SV series servo drives feature a digital PID loop with velocity and acceleration feedforward to maximize position accuracy throughout every move.  A digital DQ current loop with sine commutation delivers smooth, quiet motion, while also widening system bandwidth for precise current control.  A PID output filter and derivative filter eliminate system resonances, while a jerk filter provides jerk-free “S curve” motion.

“Servos provide closed loop control and higher possible motor speeds that stepper options, and these new servo drives make those benefits a viable option in applications previously relegated to stepper systems, at a very competitive price point,” says Richard Hazelwood, Engineering Services Manager.  

The SV series are general purpose servo drives that provide digital servo control suitable for use in nearly any automation application, with performance attributes that make them particularly well suited for use in medical, life science, packaging and labeling markets.

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