ShadeLine® whiteboard kit


Magnatag makes reading a whiteboard easy, up close or from a distance, with its ShadeLine® whiteboard kit featuring permanent gentle-gray shaded line bars. "It's a challenge for some customers to create row after row of perfectly straight, perfectly spaced horizontal lines,” says Wally A. Krapf, founder and president of Magnatag Visible Systems. "That's why we created the ShadeLine visual display board – to provide perfect horizontal line bars, just like pre-printed shaded lines on computer paper, for neater writing and easier reading.” The ShadeLine board is available in nine different sizes and 37 models, with varying heights of shaded bars, to meet a wide range of customer needs. Magnatag's Alternating Bars and Rows U-Design-It(TM) Magnetic Dry-Erase whiteboard kits allow users to create their own unique visual ShadeLine display board and adapt it easily to any project. Tools included with the ShadeLine board are removable line tape, press-on die-cut letters and dry erase pens, allowing users to customize the display and track just about any aspect of any job. Also available are an assortment of colored magnets, cardholders and other components customized by task or industry, making it easy for both managers and employees to see the status quickly and easily on virtually any type of project. Additional Magnatag products for small and medium businesses include calendars, project planning boards and attendance monitor kits.
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