A line of two-piece and hinged shaft collars that can be assembled onto the middle of installed shafts, where there is no access either end, is avail-able from Stafford Manufacturing Corp. of Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Stafford Two-Piece and Hinged Shaft Collars are ideally suited for assembly onto existing shafts where there is no access to the ends, where space is limited, or where disassembly is undesirable.  Offered in stainless steel, steel, and aluminum, they both exhibit the same axial holding power and are available with round, square, hex, or threaded bores in a variety of sizes.

Providing two alternate choices for installing stops, spacers, and device holders onto existing shafts, Stafford Two-Piece Shaft Collars come in 1/16” to 16” I.D. sizes and the hinged collars in 3/8” to 8” I.D. sizes.  Hinged collars feature a triple-link hinge and captive clamping screw and both can be modified with tapped holes on the face or O.D. and other modifications.

Stafford Two-Piece and Hinged Shaft Collars are priced according to size and quantity.  Samples and pricing are available upon request.

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