Shaft Locking Bushings Offer Solution in Static Locking Applications


Every setup operator’s goal when preparing a tool setup is to load, locate, lock and operate the setup in seconds without problems. The challenges are basically the same whether setting up a machining center or power transmission system. A static application can have the same demands as dynamic. The setup steps for both must be simple – the fewer components, the better. And the locating and locking process must be very precise and equally repeatable so the system startup is flawless from the get-go. Enter ETP, the clever setup and shaft locking device that is an ideal solution for both dynamic and static applications. It’s no secret that a jig that facilitates tool and fixture changes saves time and money. The challenge is to find the right way to do it. The extremely simple, yet versatile ETP is adept at handling both dynamic and static applications while saving time, trouble and money in the process. In today’s ever-changing manufacturing industries where more is demanded of less, reducing setup time at the front-end of a production job is the best place to start. ETP provides that front-end improvement.



  • expands both ID & OD at the same time when actuation screw is tightened
  • can be actuated thousands of times with repeatable accuracy
  • only an Allen wrench is required
  • several models available to fit application
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