Sheet Type Silicone Thermal Gel Sheets


New sheet type silicone thermal gel sheets from Advanced Antivibration Components (AAC) feature excellent control and dissipation of heat in electronic components. Applications include computer internal components such as CPU, motherboards, power transformers, power supply equipment, and electronic parts such as semiconductors that produce heat. These soft gel sheets are sold in a 400 x 400 mm (15.7 x 15.7 in.) size and are .0.5 mm to 3 mm thick to make for easy and even application. They are a RoHS controlled substance and are usable over a wide temperature range: -40°C to +200°C (-40°F to +392°F). This makes them good electrical insulators and flame retardant UL-94 V-0 approved.
There are 5 gel sheets identified as the V30Z62MCH... Series types which are designed with heat conducting properties. Their thermal conductivity ranges between 1.8 and 6.5 W/m • k. They contain nothing harmful and are therefore considered environment-friendly.


• Control & dissipation of heat in electronic components • Very soft sheet-type silicone gel • Good electrical insulators & flame retardant. • UL-94 V-0 approved • Usable over a wide Temperature Range: -40°C to +200°C ( -40°F to +392°F)
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