The Shop Lift™ is a uniquely engineered, ergonomic solution to the problem of heavy materials handling in a confined space.  Shop Lift™ is an economical yet very rugged device, built to fit through most standard doorways, carrying up to a 600 lb. payload and delivering it safely to a machine, storage rack, pallet, loading bay or onto a truck. With a gross weight of 700 lbs. and small footprint measuring only 28” wide x 72” high x 61” long, this compact yet powerful device protects workers and loads alike.  Plus, there’s none of the odor from propane tanks and virtually none of the noise usually associated with conventional forklifts. 

Driven by a 12V electric-powered hydraulic pump with built-in battery and charger, Shop Lift™ features standard 18” long sturdy steel forks with 9” load center, adjustable from 8”-18” wide and with tilting to 15º, capable of elevating a load up to 51” off the floor, with a reach-in capacity of 28” forward extension.  Every type of load, including pallets, round bar stock, molds, tooling, crates, heavy workpieces, even sensitive electronic or medical equipment, can be transported safely and easily by one operator using the onboard pendant control. 

Shop Lift™ operates on the principal of counterbalance, so every load up to 600 lbs. is safe and secure.  The hydraulics are rated to 1200 lbs. and the heavy-duty steel structure remains rigid, while riding quietly on molded polyurethane or cast steel 8” diameter wheels with foot-engaged floor lock.  With a tight turning circle only 67”, the Shop Lift™ is highly maneuverable and remains impervious to uneven surfaces on the plant, warehouse or shop floor. 

Originally designed for loading EDM (electrical discharge machine) tooling, the Shop Lift™ is ideal for mold shops, machine builders, tool & dieworks, foundries, all types of manufacturing, assembly and other materials handling requirements.  Plus, this device has significant advantages for distributors of everything from food to auto parts, wherever heavy loads needs to be transported in tight quarters.  “Clean” locations such as hospitals and electronics manufacturing facilities can also utilize Shop Lift™ in many ways


• The ShopLift™ Specifications: • Forks tilt 15 degrees up & down • Manufacturer’s Maximum Weight Capacity of Basic Unit at Center of Forks: 600 lbs. standard. • Cable Lift Range of Forks: From floor to 51”. Fork Length: 18” net - 9” load center • Fork Width Adjustment: 8” inside to 18” outside. • Net Floor Space Size of Unit (Foot Print*) • Forks Lowered: 28” wide, 61” long; • Forks at bench height: 28” wide, 67” long • Wheel locks for precision turns and stability Turning Circle. • Upper carriage slides forward on rails • Full insertion: Reach-In Capacity: 28” forward extension • Counter-balance and foot-engaged floor lock. • 8” Mold-on polyurethane or cast steel casters. Wheel Center: 54.5” Total: 61.5” • Detachable remote control system • Battery Type: Heavy-duty deep cycle with automatic on-board charger • Hydraulic Pump Type: 12-volt electric powered • Infinitely adjustable raise/lower speed • SPX (Fenner) hydraulic unit • Net Height: 72” • Safety Handling Tips • Keep hands and feet clear of rolling casters at all times. Failure to do so could consequently cause a crushing injury • Make sure that you have clearance when operating around machinery or palletized products or other people • Secure safety locks (toggles) so unit does not move or roll during maneuver of weighted items. • Secure wheel locks when maneuvering the work piece into position. • Keep The ShopLift on level ground for maximum operation capabilities.
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