Showcases Merobel Web Tension Control System Offers Advanced Regulation Capabilities


The Merobel DGT300, the latest generation digital controller with advanced regulation capabilities for printing, labeling and converting machinery, is now available from Andantex USA. Employing Windows-based software, the unit contains a wide range of programming options, including inertia compensation, taper adjustment, on-the-fly management of web turrets and E-stop torque control in proportion to the set point. Ultrasonic sensors permit automatic P.I.D. parameter variation.

The system is compatible with all current load cell technologies and is operable in closed loop as well as open loop modes. With its five built-in memories, the DGT300 can store a virtually unlimited number of configuration records, making it the most robust system available of its kind. A built-in power supply is also included to ensure continued efficiency.

Andantex USA, Inc. is exclusive North American distributor for the Merobel product line, which also includes Electromagnetic Particle Brakes, Clutches and Torque Limiters.

Andantex also offers the widest variety of industrial Differentials in the world, as well as High-Precision Servo-Reducers, Right-Angle Drives, Mechanical Speed Control Drives, Rack and Pinion Axis Drives, and Multispeed Transmissions.. These products, combined with technical expertise, customized designs and after-market sales support offer machine design engineers a wide variety of solutions to mechanical drive-train problems.


• Inputs • Set point (external) -V DC 0 to 10 • Meas. / Dia. / Tacho V DC- 0 to 10 • Logic V DC- 5 to 24 mA 15 max. • Outputs • Analog 1 / 2 V DC -10 to +10 mA • 10 Logic 1 / 2 NPN • Output control Ohms • 4 to 20 PWM A 1.5
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