Designed specifically for handling long or bulky loads in narrow aisles, the durable Models 9300 and 9400 sideloaders from The Raymond Corporation feature a high stacking capability and the versatility to be used for transport and rack storage. Featuring AC drive and AC lift, the Models 9300 and 9400 offer Raymond’s exclusive, energy-efficient ACR System™, which enhances productivity by increasing uptime, delivering faster travel and lift speeds, and maintaining high performance throughout the battery cycle.

“Raymond engineered the Models 9300 and 9400 sideloaders to excel at handling a variety of load types in applications such as narrow aisle storage, palletless handling and long-load handling,” says Susan Comfort, product manager for The Raymond Corporation. “With a 12,000-pound lifting capacity in various configurations, and a 30-foot stacking capability for loads as long as 26 feet, Raymond® sideloaders can handle challenging loads like bar stock, carpet, furniture, tubing and lumber.”

The Raymond sideloaders feature a high voltage system powered by two 24-volt batteries, allowing for efficient and consistent travel speed. The easy-to-operate single-axis control handle enables excellent operator control, and power steering enhances maneuverability by allowing each set of wheels to turn independently for better handling in narrow aisles and tight spaces. Maintenance is made easier because the Raymond® sideloaders display diagnostics — including the drive axle position, hour meters, troubleshooting messages and battery state of charge — via an information center monitor in the operator compartment.


  • handles long or bulky loads in narrow aisles
  • high stacking capability
  • AC drive and AC lift
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