Signal Integrity Design Guide


Samtec’s ability to provide “Signal Integrity at any Distance™” is detailed in this new Interconnect Design and Signal Integrity Services Guide. It includes end-to-end solutions for Panel-to-Panel, Panel-to-Board, Cable-to-Board and Board-to-Board applications as well as signal integrity design resources including PCB design tools.

Samtec Signal Integrity Interfaces include a wide variety of high speed high density connectors for achieving interconnects from 3mm to 3 meters. Single-ended and differential pair connectors, elevated board stackers, right-angle and card-edge systems for perpendicular and co-planar board mating, controlled impedance flex circuits, and high Data Rate™ cable systems are available.

Signal Integrity services include user-friendly web sites for high speed connector models, reports, drawings, test data, and webinars. Final Inc® PCB design tools save design, development, and validation time and resources. Samtec’s Signal Integrity Group is available for services ranging from simple questions to fee-based consulting.
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