Silane-Modified Polymer Adhesives


Henkel Corporation has introduced two silane-modified polymer adhesives, Teroson® MS 930 and Teroson® MS 939, designed for elastic bonding, coating and seam and joint sealing on most metal, plastic and composite substrates. These flexible elastomeric adhesives provide high-strength bonds in rigorous applications where stress and vibration can compromise the performance of more rigid adhesives. Teroson® MS 930 and Teroson® MS 939 require no primers to achieve a high-strength bond, and offer good UV and weather resistance for outdoor applications on heavy equipment, specialty vehicles, trailers, railwaycars, panel trucks, buses and wind turbines. 

These solvent- and isocyanate-free, one-part adhesives cure rapidly with exposure to ambient moisture. They experience very little shrinkage on cure and are paintable after application, making them ideal for use in applications where aesthetics are important, such as on appliances and white goods .One-part adhesives that are easily dispensed from a pneumatic applicator, Teroson® MS 930 and Teroson® MS 939 are now available in convenient sausage packs. This efficient, low-cost form of packaging is easier to dispense, requires less storage space, contains more adhesive and generates less waste than traditional cartridge packaging.


  • high-strength bonds
  • require no primers
  • good UV and weather resistance