Simplify Swing Door Safety with BEA’s LO Linx


Automatic swing doors must be properly equipped to meet standards and prevent the injury of pedestrians who enter a door’s path during a closing cycle. With the LO Linx lockout relay by BEA, ensuring pedestrian safety and meeting standards is simple and convenient.

The recent changes to the ANSI 156.10 standards require additional safety sensors to be added to automatic swing doors. After reviewing customer concerns about the complexity of safety equipment, BEA developed the LO Linx to simplify meeting the standards. The lockout relay provides intelligent synchronization of all required sensors with connection to a central module through quick disconnect plugs.

As a supplement to the BEA BodyGuard and SuperScan sensors, the LO Linx lockout relay prohibits an automatic swing door from closing on pedestrians who enter the door’s path. In addition to a door-mounted solution, the LO Linx also allows input from photo beams, enabling retrofit capability using BEA’s SBK-30 infrared photo beam.
The patent-pending technology of the LO Linx allows for simple installation and programming through two push buttons. BEA has reduced the number of wires from 56 in a traditional unit to nine, saving time and money on installation. A convenient LED screen clearly displays program functions and values, facilitating immediate troubleshooting by showing common program errors.


• Supply voltage: 12 to 24 VAC/VDC: +/- 10% • Power frequency: 50/60 Hz • Power consumption: 80mA max. (No load applied) • Temperature range: -4°F to +131°F • Dimensions: 5.2” (133mm)W x 2.2” (55mm)D x 1” (25mm)H • Housing material: ABS – Red Translucent • Relay specification: Max. switching voltage: 125 VAC, 60VDC • Max. switching current: 1A • Max. switching power: 62.5VA, 30W
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