Single-Loop Electronic Temperature/Process Controllers


Process control applications (temperature, level, flow, etc) requiring individual or multiple controllers can operate more effectively using a single-loop process controller to manage the process. The next generation of Allen-Bradley® Bulletin 900-TC16 & 900-TC8 Single-Loop Process Controllers, now available from Rockwell Automation, out-perform standard controllers because they combine thermocouple and RTD sensing capability with either ON/OFF or analog outputs into a global temperature controller. This feature allows one unit to satisfy virtually all temperature applications. In addition, 900-TC16 and 900-TC8 controllers with analog input and On/Off or analog output capability are also available. Auto-tuning PID control technology with analog outputs increases system efficiency while smoothly managing the process. Users will benefit from decreased temperature swings, more stable workload temperatures, improved control efficiency, increased component life, and more economic energy consumption. The PID’s auto tuning feature makes it possible for novice users to quickly and efficiently start up for example temperature heating and cooling applications. For typical controller parameter configuration the 900-TC16 and 900-TC8 feature 4 sealed, tactile-feedback keys and an energy-efficient 11-segment LED display, which translates complex parameters into a more understandable display. The keypad and display also allow users to switch from manual to automatic control without system disruption (bumpless transfer). If PC configuration is desired, the 900-TC8 and -TC16 families can connect directly to a personal computer using a single cable and free of charge 900BuilderLite software to allow for one-to-one configuration of parameters. An inexpensive RS485 network can also be used as an option to connect up to 32 Bulletin 900 controllers. The network allows for configuration and/or supervisory control and monitoring. Modbus RTU slave protocol is available with the 900-TC8 and -TC16 families, in addition to proprietary Bulletin 900 protocol for the entire line. Users can tailor the Bulletin 900 controller to their specific needs by selecting one of the three available sizes – 1/8 DIN (900-TC8), 1/16 DIN (900-TC16), and 1/32 DIN (900-TC32) standard panel cutout size. To complement its process controllers, Allen-Bradley also offers a wide range of relays and timers. They are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the most demanding specifications and are available in both general purpose and industrial models.


• Unit No. .01 • Baud Rate 38.4 (kbps • Data Length 7 (bits) • Stop Bits 2 • Parity Even
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