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Meltric Corporation, a leading manufacturer of a complete line of industrial plugs and receptacles including, UL/CSA switch rated plugs and receptacles, today introduced a new product line, the CS1000 Series of High Amperage Single Pole Plugs & Connectors up to 400A, 1000VAC. The CS1000 devices are designed to be a new industry standard for safety, usability, reliability, performance and durability in harsh operating conditions and the severe environments of the mining, maritime, oil, steel, industrial, entertainment and power generation industries. The CS1000 Series is being introduced to provide safety features that are not currently offered by other single pole devices. These safety features include: IP2X finger protection that protects users from live parts, mechanical keying system prevents insertion of the wrong phases, a locking pin that prevents accidental disconnection, and a plug/receptacle that accepts different cable sizes. The standard features of the CS1000 Series include: 

  • Solid silver-nickel contact material to provide superior performance and corrosion resistance -- an improvement over copper alloy contacts of competing brands.
  • Spring-loaded, butt-style contact technology to ensure optimal contact pressure that compensates for manufacturing variations and usage wear.
  • IP66 + IP67 environmental protection and automatic watertight-ness for wet and corrosive environments. 

The CS1000 Series sets a new industry standard for single pole plugs & connectors by employing Meltric’s durable, spring-loaded, butt-style contact technology to replace the traditional, pin-and-sleeve contacts presently used in competing devices. Spring-loaded, butt-style contacts are similar to those used in contactors and switchgear. They have numerous advantages to help improve the device’s electrical performance and user safety that simply cannot be equaled by pin-and-sleeve contacts. Butt style contacts ensure a very positive and consistent connection by spring loading of the butt contacts to provide a high contact force, which is a key determinant of the quality of a contact. 

Conversely, pin-and-sleeve contacts experience a varying contact force due to variable manufacturing tolerances and frictional wear of the sliding contact surfaces that occur over time with normal use. Combining the excellent electrical properties of silver-nickel contacts with durable, butt-style contact technology, Meltric has produced in the CS1000 Series a single pole, plug & connector that has been tested to remain consistent for over 2,000 operations.


  • up to 400A, 1000VAC
  • IP2X finger protection
  • locking pin prevents accidental disconnection

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