Single-Turn Hollow-Shaft Servo Motor Feedback System


SICK STEGMANN, INC. introduces SinCos® SRS 64 Motor Feedback Systems with Hiperface® interface. These single-turn servo motor feedback systems are well suited for applications requiring high resolution, or the Hiperface interface, in an industrial housing suitable for mounting external to a servo motor. They provide precise absolute positioning with 32,768 steps per revolution. In addition, they provide 1024 sine/cosine cycles per turn, which after A/D conversion in a servo drive, produces up to 4 million counts per turn. The SRS64 Series offers reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -20º up to 110ºC with high resistance to shock (100/10 g/ms) and vibration (20/10 – 2000 g/Hz). Hollow shaft bores are available for up to 14mm shafts. An IP65 rating ensures trouble-free operation in a wide range of industrial applications.


• Dimensions mm (see dimensional drawing) • Mass 0.3 kg • Inertial rotor moment 45 gcm2 • Type of code for the absolute value Binary • via RS 485±90 angular seconds
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