SiteConnex Vibration Spectrum Analyzer and Collaboration system (VSA) for machine diagnostics and predictive maintenance


New Datastick SiteConnex system combines, for the first time ever, a powerful handheld vibration analyzer/collector with an Internet-enabled smartphone in a single instrument, enabling immediate connectivity between inspection site and decision site for fast collaboration, announced Michael Scandling, Vice President of Marketing, Datastick Systems, Inc. The new Datastick® SiteConnex(TM) VSA(TM)-2215 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer and Collaboration system for predictive maintenance and machine diagnostics is being demonstrated through Thursday at the Predictive Maintenance Conference in Las Vegas, and will ship within thirty days, he said. "A maintenance technician or manager can collect and view vibration data in waveform or spectra on a vibration data collector/analyzer, email the data to a colleague, talk on the phone about the measurement results while looking at the results on the phone display, receive email or text messages from the colleague, and more - all with a single pocket-sized handheld instrument," said Scandling. "Your phone is now a vibration analyzer, and your vibration analyzer is a phone." The VSA-2215 SiteConnex Vibration Spectrum Analyzer and Collaboration system is a high-performance handheld vibration analyzer / data collector. It has a maximum frequency of 20,000 Hz and FFT resolution of up to 3,200 lines. It displays overall vibration alerts according to ISO standards, or user-defined alert levels. It includes: · New VSA-2215 hardware module that attaches to a Palm® Treo(TM) smartphone and has a standard BNC connector and low-noise input that accommodates and powers almost any ICP®-type piezoelectric accelerometer. · New Datastick Spectrum(TM)SC handheld software with new Datastick ManagerSC handheld file-management software, new Datastick ReviewSC handheld data-comparison software, and new integrated email software for the handheld · Revised Datastick Reporting System(TM) for VSA (DRS) software for Windows PCs, new Datastick Viewer instant email-attach-ment viewing software for Windows PCs VSA packages include SD cards, sensors, ruggedized cases, extended battery kits and training. Datastick does not sell the Palm Treo or wireless plans. Datastick SpectrumSC software for the handheld collects, displays, and stores waveforms and vibration FFT spectra and provides overall vibration alerts and cursor-display tools and much more. It displays peaks, overall vibration, colored alerts, and pop-up mode menus all on one high-resolution screen. Datastick Direct Zoom(TM) display lets the user select an area of interest on the screen with the handheld's stylus or a finger, and zoom up to 64 times. Measurement data is saved in the smartphone's internal memory or on SD memory cards with capacities up to 2 GB each. Vibration data can be exported to the desktop PC via Palm HotSync® technology or SD card - and now, by email from the smartphone. Datastick Reporting System software for VSA (DRS) for the desktop or laptop PC, with new Datastick Viewer software, enables the recipient of the measurement data files that have been emailed to import them quickly into the Excel-based DRS program on the desktop, see the same data that the person sees on the smartphone VSA, write reports, publish to the web, and more. "Developing the Datastick SiteConnex technology was one of the most challenging projects ever undertaken at Datastick, as it required integrating all the resources of the Palm Treo's hardware connectivity and smartphone capabilities with the Datastick vibration analysis technology on both handheld and PC," said Steve Sabram, President and Chief Technology Officer. "The result is a vibration analyzer / smartphone that will bring incredible convenience to customers using vibration analysis in machine-condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and routine troubleshooting to reduce costs and downtime."
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