Six-Pod 3D Printer Station


The Print Pod scales up to six Series 1 Pros. Additional Print Pods can be added directly via network. The Print Pod can deliver at lower costs per part and more flexibility than traditional manufacturing methods, such as injection molding.

The Print Pod allows multiple jobs in multiple materials to be in production simultaneously. Each printer can be allocated specific print jobs, or all printers can be allocated to one job to increase turnaround. In addition, each printer can produce several objects simultaneously on the same platform.

With multiple discreet units, the Print Pod provides redundancy not possible with the traditionally approach to manufacturing. If a Print Pod has a printer scheduled for maintenance, the Print Pod continues to operate without a hitch, allowing a Print Pod to run 24/7.

The Print Pod is protected from power surges and outages with an uninterruptible power supply. In the event of a power outage, you would have enough time to switch to a generator if you have one, and in the event of a power surge, your Print Pod is protected.

You have access to every printer at your fingertips, across multiple Print Pods with the Pod Control software and touchscreen terminal. View an overview of all printers or control each machine individually, record live video, and gather print job data to give you insight to production inefficiencies.

The Print Pod arrives ready to work with its own plug & play wired Ethernet network to insulate against interference from nearby devices, while scaling is as simple connecting additional Print Pods via network.

Each Print Pod is custom built to your needs, allowing you choice of individual features, installation, training, service & support, and more.


Printer Capacity: Up to six Series 1 Pros

Printer Volume: 12 in.3

Features: Webcam, Wi-Fi access point, wired Ethernet network

Layer Resolution: Layer Resolution: 50-300µm

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