SIXNET Designs a Make Your Own 5-port Managed Switch


All EtherTRAK Ethernet Managed Switches offers real-time secure performance with SNMP network management, along with RSTP (rapid spanning tree protocol) support rings and other redundancy schemes. This ensures the reliability of your network with automatic switchover on a segment failure. The unit also has a self-test/alarm output signal plus authentication and encryption features. SIXNET managed switches can detect and report network problems before they seriously affect network operations. And like other SIXNET IPm products, they also come with IPm Linux open-source tools. This enables integrators and OEMs to enhance the functionality of these Linux-based switches.

SIXNET managed switches work reliably through the dead of winter and those hot summer days. Unlike office-grade switches that are intended only for use in air-conditioned offices, SIXNET Ethernet switches are designed for those places that you don't want to be - over a wide temperature range. SIXNET switches have been proven even in military applications such as in LAVs, ships and aircrafts. With over 1 million hours mean time between failures, a twenty-year support and service policy, free field-installable upgrades, plus more, SIXNET calls this a sound investment.


• Fully managed with 6 Ethernet ports • Store & forward, wire-speed switching • Automatic address learning, aging and migration • Full duplex operation with flow control (no collisions) • All IEEE 802.3 Ethernet protocols supported • 2048 MAC addresses supported • Memory bandwidth: 3.2 Gbps • Typical latency (varies on load) o @ 100 Mbps: 5 µs + frame time o @ 10 Mbps: 16 µs + frame time • Ethernet isolation: 1500 VRMS 1 minute
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