New PITTMAN® “Size 04” slotless brushless DC motors can perform with virtually no noise or vibration at the highest speeds. Their patented “Parallex” coil-winding geometry is engineered to generate more power using less energy for maximized operation and efficiency. Their compact size (.375 in./9.53mm) can accommodate a wide range of applications characterized by small design envelopes and requiring high performance, including medical instruments, dental drills, hand power tools, home appliances, and computer hardware, among others. No load speeds up to 50000 rpm and continuous torque up to 0.30 oz-in can be achieved. Features include 2-pole rotor, 3-phase stator, and neodymium magnets promoting optimized reliability and life; sturdy construction with stainless steel housings offering corrosion-resistance; and precision shielded ball bearings and balanced rotors contributing to smooth and quiet operation. PITTMAN “Size 04” motors can further be customized with various material and component options to satisfy particular application requirements. AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical
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