Size 11 Double Stack Non-Captive Hybrid Linear Actuator


Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc. is proud to introduce the 28000 series (Size 11) double stack non captive hybrid linear actuator, the latest addition to its continuously growing hybrid motor line.  Equipment designers and engineers now have an even more compact option for their linear motion applications.  The new size 11 double stack non captive hybrid linear actuator includes numerous patent pending innovations that provide customers high performance and endurance in a small package.   
In the double stack non-captive linear actuator design, the lead screw runs axially through the center of the motor and must be restrained from rotating for proper operation.  This is normally accomplished by attaching the screw to a non-rotating member of the mechanical assembly.  As the internal threaded rotor rotates the lead screw will move axially but will not rotate.  This design is especially suited for long linear travel requirements and applications where the lead screw is secured at both ends and the motor translates along the lead screw.  When incorporating the latter approach, the motor must be prevented from rotating.   
This double stack non captive hybrid linear actuator is available in a wide variety of resolutions ranging from 0.000125” (.003175 mm) per step to 0.002” (.0508 mm) per step and delivers thrusts of up to 30 lbs. (133 N) without compromising long life.  Applications requiring precise positioning and rapid motion are best suited for this motor.  Typical applications include medical equipment, semiconductor handling, valve control, X-Y tables, hand held instruments, telecommunications, and many more.  Priced aggressively, this product is ideal for incorporation into your next project.  In addition to standard configurations, Haydon can custom design this motor to meet your specific application requirements.  

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