Size 14 Double Stack Captive Hybrid Linear Actuator


Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc. is introducing the 35000 series (Size 14) double stack captive hybrid linear actuator.  The captive linear actuator, designed with an internal anti-rotation mechanism, is especially well suited for applications in which external anti-rotation methods would be difficult or impossible to employ.  Captive linear travel requirements beyond a few inches may be impractical and the factory should be consulted in these cases to discuss the best solution for the application.
These hybrid linear actuators are available in a wide variety of resolutions ranging from .000625” (.0158 mm) per step to .005” (.127 mm) per step and delivers thrusts of up to 50 lbs. (222 N).  They can also be microstepped for even finer resolutions.  Built for superior performance, the size 14 double stack hybrid linear actuator, features engineering thermoplastics in the rotor drive nut and a stainless steel Acme lead screw, which has made the Haydon products so popular.  With this patented design, quiet and maintenance free operation is ensured as well as enhanced performance and long life (several million cycles).  
Typical applications include medical equipment, semiconductor handling, valve control, X-Y tables, hand held instruments, telecommunications, or wherever precise linear or rapid motion is required.  In addition to standard configurations, Haydon can custom design their products to meet your specific application requirements.  

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