SKC Introduces LeadChek Soap


LeadCheck® Soap is a low-foaming, non-perfumed, and non-toxic soap specially formulated to remove lead and other heavy metal residue from skin and other surfaces. It works by binding and helping to lift micro-particulate residues from surfaces, allowing them to simply be rinsed from the surface being treated. LeadCheck Soap is ideal for use in many industries including lead smelting, refining, manufacturing, brass/bronze foundries, rubber products and plastics, soldering, steel welding/cutting, battery manufacturing, construction, bridge maintenance and repair, municipal waste incinerator, pottery/ceramics, radiator repair, and at firing ranges. LeadCheck Soap can be used in conjunction with Full Disclosure® Lead Kits: Full Disclosure to determine presence of lead and LeadCheck Soap to ensure lead is removed from skin and surfaces.
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