Slim Fiber-Optic Sensor E3X-DAC Delivers True Color Detection of Marks and Workpieces


Omron Electronics ( <> ) introduces a one-of-a-kind White LED fiber-optic sensor for detecting true colors in marks and workpieces. Measurements are independent of the light intensity and any sensing distance variations caused by vibration. The slim, 10mm wide amplifier unit processes color detection through a technologically advanced RGB light-receiving element. The use of a single White LED and one-package light-receiving element unifies the amplifier in both size and operation, thus lowering cost compared to conventional three-LED amplifiers. One-touch teaching simplifies setup in registering colors and smart functions optimize positioning of target objects for detection. A wide range of Omron E32-Series sensing heads can be combined with the amplifier to match application requirements. Amplifiers capable of detecting two different colors simultaneously provide agility for flexible manufacturing.

The E3X-DAC measures changes in the three parameters (RGB) and processes them as a ratio, so they are not affected by light-intensity variations due to workpiece movement. The fast, 60- microsecond response time makes Omron's E3X-DAC ideal for detecting registration marks on packaging. All models feature a timer function with variable ON or OFF delay up to 5 s. The dual display allows users to view both the RGB ratio and RGB intensity at the same time. The E3X-DAS also provides remote teaching input function and a function lock that prevents sensor tampering.  

The new sensor is ideal for high-speed packaging and sorting operations; electronics packaging, including small parts and fine wires; as well as pharmaceutical applications such as pill counting.
The Omron E3X-DAC sensor is currently available from stock at a cost of $220. Sensors featuring dual output and remote setting are slightly more. E32-Series Fiber-optic cables are available in a wide variety of sensing heads; prices vary by model.


* Sensing heads : Use E32-Series fiber-optic cables * Features : Standard Models+ Simultaneous determination * Light source : White LED (420 to 700 nm) * Connecting method : Pre-wired, 2m cable * Output Type : NPN open collector, 50 mA at 26.4 VDC
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