Small Parts Handling with New Internal Drive


Good things come in small packages. This is especially true today as Dorner Manufacturing proudly introduces the iDrive™ – a groundbreaking development for a variety of packaging and industrial applications where space is tight or additional room is needed around the conveyor. iDrive is an exciting advancement in conveyor technology that merges the very latest drive and control systems with the compact design of the Dorner 2200 Series. By integrating the motor, gearbox and motor controller into a single, space-saving package, Dorner has literally redefined the application footprint for small product conveyors. iDrive is capable of widths as narrow as 3 inches and lengths as long as 12 feet.

“Without question, the iDrive takes our 2200 Series – already the most widely applied conveyor platform of its kind – to a whole new level,” said Rich Ryan, chief operating officer for Dorner Mfg. “We now offer a virtually limitless range of conveyor widths and lengths to meet our customers’ specific small parts handling needs. Plus, like all Dorner conveyors, iDrive delivers high speed and efficient performance. It’s capable of moving parts up to 100 feet-per-minute with a load capacity as high as 30 pounds. It’s really pretty exciting to offer this integrated technology in such a compact package. We anticipate strong response to this innovative space and time saving design.”

iDrive is a variable speed system and is also reversible for maximum application flexibility. Control switches are easy-to-use, conveniently located and protected by a high-impact case. Plus, iDrive is ready to go quickly. Because the controls are integrated directly into the compact system, setup is easier than ever – time-consuming wiring and mounting are a thing of the past. Other features include a drive roller measuring just 1.25” in diameter for smooth product transfers as well as a maintenance free, brushless DC motor and 115V single-phase input power supply.

Of course, iDrive also complements many features found on the Dorner low profile 2200 conveyor platform, including: self tracking v-guided belts, rack and pinion belt tensioning for fast and accurate adjustments, built-in belt tension indicators for preventative maintenance and T-slots for fast and simple mounting of controls and accessories.

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