USAutomation has announced the design and introduction of the Microstage 28 ™ positioning stage serving a wide variety of markets and applications around the world. The Microstage utilizes a preloaded linear rail, a precision anti-backlash rolled leadscrew, a high performance coupling and motor mounting provisions. The linear rail system supports radial and moment loads that are remarkable for the size of the stages. The leadscrew has no axial play and can accurately position within .0006” per inch of travel. The standard Microstage includes a coupling and a step motor so that it can be operational right out of the box. Standard travel lengths are from 10mm to 205mm with 2 week leadtimes and custom configurations are also possible and encouraged for OEM customers with specific needs. The Microstage 28 is only 1.1 inches (28mm) across and easily mates with NEMA size 11 motors. The Microstage 28 is also available with USAutomation’s Accuriss 28™ integrated motor for the most complete micro positioning solution on the market today. Optional accessories are available for the Microstage Series, such as dust covers and limit switch assemblies. Multi-axis configurations, such as XY, XZ, and XYZ are available with a standard series of mounting brackets. Ideal applications for the Microstage Series include medical, lab automation, photonics, inspection equipment, pick-and-place, and test equipment. A sturdy aluminum extrusion design and low parts count make the Microstage an economical solution, especially for OEM customers concerned about the cost effectiveness of their designs.
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