Small Rugged Portable Computer With Internal Space for Application Customizing


ACME Portable Machines, Inc. today announced a rugged portable computer about the size of a fat attaché case which still has plenty of internal space for application-specific customizing. The FLP-200 is a powerful machine featuring an Intel T2500 2GHz Core Duo processor backed by a minimum of 512MB of memory (expandable to 2GB), ideal for applications such as testing, data logging and video recording for seismic, flight line, in-flight, and factory floor environments where the power and flexibility of a desktop is required. Its ruggedness makes it also ideal for fire, police, emergency medical response, construction, trucking, and off-road applications. The FLP-200 makes the benefits of a desktop computer available in the field. Providing two full-length internal slots for 32-bit PCI cards and one mini-PCI connector, ACME’s open-systems portable allows a user to customize their system for a specific application (like a desktop) without adding an expansion chassis or going to a bulky case – and to run that system in the field for extended periods on battery power without interruption. Dual Lithium ion batteries provide a total of 100 watts of output power and 190 watt-hours of capacity – roughly three times the capacity of a conventional notebook – and are hot-swappable for continuous battery operation. The FLP-200 can also use 120v/220v power when available, and recharge its batteries while operating off wall power. A 100GB hard drive is included and space is provided for an additional pair of hot-swappable RAID drives that size. The base system also includes a DVD-RW drive; Firewire, four USB 2.0 ports, and Ethernet connections up to 1000 base Tx for communications; a full-size keyboard; and a 15-inch anti-glare LCD screen. The total package size is 12 3/4 x 16 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches (325 x 420 x 165mm); weight is 20lb (9kg) with the standard dual batteries.
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