Smaller Size Hollow Shaft Potentiometers


Spectrum Sensors and Controls introduces a new line of hollow shaft potentiometers that take up less space, have infinite resolution, the longest life and excellent output smoothness. These potentiometers feature an annodized aluminum, thermo plastic design with diameters ranging from 0.860" to 2.620" and a rotational life of 5 to 50 million cycles minimum, making them ideal for animatronics/robotics, automotive handicap controls and military joysticks. Spectrum’s hollow shaft potentiometer's have electrical angles from 26° to 355° ±2°, independent linearity range of ± 0.5% to ± 1.0%, power ratings of 0.5W to 2W @ 70°C and a maximum output smoothness of 0.1%. These potentiometers offer a resistance range of 1KO ~ 20KO ±10%, 360° continuous rotation, and require no wiper installation/phasing. These hollow shaft potentiometers are available with a triple cup redundant design for Hi-Rel applications and can be specified with and without connectors. Spectrum’s potentiometers utilize a co-molded conductive plastic element for a hard smooth surface and greater long-term reliability compared to raised circuit element potentiometers. In Spectrum’s process the termination and resistance materials are simultaneously molded with the base substrate. Spectrum Sensors & Controls smaller size hollow shaft potentiometers are priced at $52.95 and up depending on quantities and configurations.


• Resistance (std., custom avail.) 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 20K Ohms ±10% • Electrical Angle (std., custom avail.) 340° • Linearity (std., custom avail.) ±0.5% • Output Smoothness 0.1% Max. • Multisections (available) up to Three (3) Sections • Resistance Temp. Coefficient ±400 PPM/°C Max. • Power Rating (Size Dependent) 0.5 to 2.0 Watts @ 70°C • Dielectric Strength (Size Dependent) 500 to 1000 VRMS • Insulation Resistance 100 Meg Ohms Min.
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