Emerson Process Management today announced the introduction of the Wireless SmartPack™ Starter Kit, a configurable suite of wireless technologies and services giving users a risk-free way to practical experience with wireless technologies in their own facilities. Emerson’s SmartPack comes pre-configured out of the box to immediately form a secure, robust self-organizing wireless network which customers can apply to gain experience with wireless without committing their infrastructure. “Historically, customers must commit significant resources for engineering, design, configuration and startup when trying new technologies,” says John Berra, president of Emerson Process Management. “Emerson’s Smart Wireless approach embedded in our Wireless SmartPack gives mainstream customers an out-of-the-box network which they can apply anywhere, anytime with very little engineering time required. It’s easy, and it works straight out of the box.” Emerson’s Wireless SmartPack comes standard with a 1420 Wireless Gateway, a 25-tag license for AMS Device Manager software, Emerson supplied SmartStart™ installation services and 5 wireless instruments which operate as a self-organizing network. Users may choose any combination of Rosemount temperature, pressure, level and flow devices, and can choose to increase the number of devices in their Wireless SmartPack up to 100 total. One very important feature of Emerson’s Wireless SmartPack is its “forward compatibility” with the future wireless standard being defined now. To protect user investments, Emerson will provide an upgrade path on all wireless instruments to the future standard. “We are very pleased to see progress on the standard committee and remain very dedicated to arriving at a standard which provides customers the best possible wireless options,” continued Berra. “Our introduction of the Wireless SmartPack will give users a hand’s on opportunity to gain experience with wireless, enabling them to accelerate the definition of their own strategy for how to apply wireless in-plant, while still being certain of future compatibility with the standard.”


• Update Rate: User selectable 4, 8, 16, 32 seconds, or 1 to 60 minutes • Network Size: Up to 100 devices • Output: Ethernet, Modbus, OPC • Approvals: FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx
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