SmartScan™ 121 Flame Scanner


The new SmartScan™ 121 microprocessor flame scanner from Hamworthy Peabody Combustion accurately and reliably senses the presence and condition of flames in a broad range of applications. This leading flame technology is suitable for coal, oil, gas, solid and non-standard fuel scanning. It features an easy to read bar graph display, wide operating temperature (from -40º to 140º F) and proven discrimination techniques. The SmartScan 121 flame scanner combines modern sensor technology with advanced microprocessor control to offer a broad range of features including: ? Fuel select input for two fuel parameters ? Easy to install, commission and operate ? Ability to discriminate between adjacent flames, fireballs and radiating surfaces ? On-Line lens cleaning capability ? Resistance to momentary power outages ? Intrinsically safe heads with Galvanic isolators or barriers

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Part for HAMWORTHY SMART SCAN 121 SCANNER MODEL:363920587 FLAME DETECTOR GAS OR OIL POWER 115/23-60HZ Supply power: 18-V A/30w ANALOG OUT PUT: 4-20MAQTY-2 2- part for HAMWORTHY smart scanner Is-UV detector QTY-2 3-RAL-940915-LE QTY-2