Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today introduced its SNDH Series Quadrature General Industrial Speed and Direction Sensors. The SDNH gives manufacturers a new alternative for replacing “sensor bearing” products, making vehicle service easier. By separating the sensor and bearing in electric motor bearing applications, the user can service the sensor without taking the vehicle apart to remove the bearing from the motor drive. Honeywell’s patent-pending, dual differential Hall-effect IC (integrated circuit) BiCmos technology enhances this circuit’s accuracy, allowing this sensor to detect speed and direction of small, rotating target features with large air gaps (up to 2 mm [0.08 in]). The sensor-to-sensor 90° (quadrature) phase shift accuracy is designed to be highly repeatable due to the IC packaging technique used by Honeywell, different than techniques used in competitive products. Honeywell places the IC so that tolerances are very tight, reducing variation in the manufacturing process. Potential applications include a variety of industrial and heavy duty vehicle applications that require extremely high resolution at wide frequency ranges (0 kHz to 15 kHz) with large air gaps such as transmissions, hydraulic motors, pumps and gear boxes; steering assembly direction of rotation; replacement for bearings with integrated sensors; and tachometers/counters and encoders.


• large air gaps (up to 2 mm [0.08 in]) • The sensor-to-sensor 90° (quadrature) phase shift accuracy
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