Solenoid Valve Controls Flow of Ultra Pure or Corrosive Media


The 4BKR media separated solenoid valve from Spartan Scientific controls the flow of either ultra pure or corrosive media preventing premature failure on wetted type solenoid valves. This 2 way, 2 position unit has a low volume valve cavity and rolling diaphragm and won’t allow chemicals to gather or dead spots to form which might hinder flow. The 4BKR valve features a quick connect interface, allowing it to be mounted in a gang style on a manifold block and is available with orifice sizes of 2.4mm to 5.0mm and has Cv ranges from .245 to .63. in normally open and normally closed functions. The encapsulated coil, stainless tube and plunger assembly give the 4BKR a maintenance free life. The 4BKR, like all Spartan Scientific products, is manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards.


• Function: 2-way, 2-position normally closed or normally open, media separated, direct acting • Pressure Range: 15” Hg Vacuum to 150 psi (depending on orifce size) • Temp. Range: (Fluid max 90 C) Ambient -10°C to +55° C • Response Time: 20 to 40 ms complete cycle • Mounting: 4,0.125 dia holes as shown for #4 pan-head screw
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