Solid Carbide Deep-Hole Drill


Seco Tools has announced the availability of its new Feedmax™ SD230A solid carbide 30xD drill, which was designed for applications often found in the automotive, oil and gas, mold and die, medical and general engineering industries. Compared to HSS or ordinary solid carbide drills, the Feedmax SD230A offers substantial improvements in terms of hole quality, productivity and length and consistency of tool life.

The Feedmax SD230A is offered in diameters ranging from 4 mm – 10 mm as standard, with 3 mm available as semi-standard. A 4-facet point geometry provides excellent centering capability, with primary and secondary relief angles and a point angle of 136°. The tool also features a low friction, TiAIN + TiN coating for long, predictable tool life. Four land margins provide stability and maximize hole quality.

For the best setup stabilization, Feedmax SD230A drills should be used in conjunction with hydraulic chucks or Shrinkfit toolholders.

The Feedmax SD230A is designed to complement Seco Tool’s existing range of 16xD drills. Additionally, other ranges, such as 20xD and 25xD, will be available as custom designs.


  • diameters ranging from 4 mm – 10 mm
  • 4-facet point geometry
  • excellent centering capability
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