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ANAHEIM, Calif. – June 13, 2006 – Selco/ECC has introduced the “Solid State Transformer” (SST) Model 399-0642 designed to replace conventional linear transformers with a highly efficient switching power supply. The SST fits a PC board transformer footprint and accepts a wide input voltage range of 75 to 305 VAC at up to 500 Hz, offering users optimum flexibility over a wide range of applications.

Now OEM’s can reduce product inventory and associated costs by stocking a single item that will work at multiple input voltage ratings. Additionally, using the SST in new product designs eliminates the need for input voltage range management and can reduce inventory of the finished good.

Featuring high energy efficiency, the new SST uses much less power at no load than conventional transformers, and provides energy savings and an improved safe-guard against brown-outs. Over the input range from 75 to 305 VAC, the SST gives a consistent output of 11 VDC nominal at up to 0.37Amps. With worldwide voltage capabilities, it can be used for virtually any industrial control equipment where a transformer or power supply is required.

The new SST is fully enclosed in a 1.40-inch by 1.50-inch industry-standard package.
Industry-standard size makes it easy to replace an existing transformer and remove a separate power supply, freeing up crowded PC board real estate. The device weighs just 1.7 oz., which reduces shipping costs to the overall end product.

Agency approvals include UL File #E248628 and UL 508 standard.


• Temperature Range 14ºF to 131ºF (-10ºC to 55ºC) • Time Delay • Operating ModelsDelay-On Operate • (Selectable)Delay-On Release • ON Oper./ON Rel. • Interval ON • One Shot • Timing AdjustmentSingle turn pot with knob on top of case • Timing Range (Selectable)0.3 - 8060 seconds • Repeat Accuracy±1% under fixed conditions • Absolute Accuracy over • complete range of temperature • and input voltage±5% • Reset Time10m seconds maximum-signal interrupt • 100m seconds maximum-power interrupt • Input • Voltage Range (Selectable)24Vdc/VAC and/or 120VAC • Allowable Variation±10% • Power Consumption1.5 Watts maximum • Output • TypeDPDT relay • Rating10 Amps at 30Vdc resistive • 10 Amps at 120 and 240 VAC, 1/3HP at 120VAC • Life Expectancy1,000,000 cycles minimum under rated load • Transient Protection0.8 Joules • Termination 11-pin plug-in octal socket • Weight 5 ounces • Options 12Vdc input voltage • .187” tab terminals • 8-pin octal socket (SPDT output)
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