Solid Urethane Wheels for Quiet, Smooth, Easy Rolling


RWM Caster’s new and improved 60D Solid Urethane Wheels are designed to offer quiet operation and rolling ease and take performance to the next level. High quality PTMEG polyurethane and extensive testing have lead to a drastic increase in performance over current industry solid poly-type wheels. 

These wheels offer a step up in quality, performance and service life and an excellent solution in noise reduction, rolling ease and all around rugged durability. Great for in-plant assembly lines, tow lines, maintenance dollies, and many other industrial applications, these non-marking wheels are resistant to grease, oil, chemicals and moisture. Our 60D Solid Urethane Wheels are also resistant to chunking, cutting and abrasive wear.  60D Solid Urethane Wheels are used in applications that need lower noise levels, improved floor protection, and where heavy loads and continuous use cause standard polyurethane wheels to heat up and degrade. 

They are an excellent solution for applications requiring improved rolling ease while maintaining ultra quiet operation. All RWM Solid Polyurethane Wheels come equipped with a robust metal bearing retaining sleeve which prevents premature bearing failure from high speed, high load applications. Many other solid poly wheels do not, and over time, the metal bearings will deform the bore of the wheel, leading to performance defects and eventual product failure.  

These new 60D Solid Urethane Wheels are available in seven standard configurations with wheel diameters from 4”, 5”, 6”, 8” and 10” and wheel widths of 2” and 3”. Capacities range from 700 lbs. for the 4” x 2” wheel, and up to 3000 lbs. for the 10” x 3” wheel. These wheels are available with Sealed Precision Ball Bearings only to ensure maximum rolling ease with no maintenance lubrication required. Temperature range is from -40˚F to +180˚F. 


  • quiet operation and rolling ease
  • resistant to chunking
  • wheel widths of 2” and 3”

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