Solutions for the Appliance Industry


New literature from Henkel Corporation details the company's complete line of products and services for the appliance industry. "Henkel Solutions for the Appliance Industry" is a 16-page comprehensive guide that reviews surface treatments, adhesives, sealants, lubricants, sound damping materials and other products for appliance design, assembly, manufacturing and maintenance. The literature also highlights Henkel's training workshops, teardown analysis, manufacturing reliability surveys and chemical systems management program. Henkel Solutions for the Appliance Industry provides detailed descriptions and chart-style selector guides for all Henkel products for the industry, including:

 - Loctite® engineering adhesives and sealants, Hysol® and Technomelt® hot melt adhesives, Bonderite® metal pretreatments, Macroplast® polyurethane adhesives and Macromelt® low pressure molding adhesives for appliance assembly;

 - stamping lubricants, surface cleaners, conditioners, metal pretreatments, sealants and defoamers for surface treatment applications; and

 - dispensing, curing, monitoring and custom-designed equipment solutions. The literature positions Henkel as a one-stop supplier of adhesives, sealants and surface treatments with an unparalleled level of knowledge of industry applications.