Solutions for the Photovoltaic Industry


New literature from Henkel Corporation details the company's line of products for the photovoltaic industry. Henkel Solutions for the Photovoltaic Industry is a 20-page comprehensive guide that reviews the company's broad offering of adhesives, sealants and cleaners that improve reliability, reduce costs, enable highly automated production processes, and increase production speeds for solar assemblies.   

Henkel Solutions for the Photovoltaic Industry provides detailed information on the company's products for PV manufacturing and installation, including structural adhesives, elastomers, thermally and/or electrically conductive materials, die attach adhesives, encapsulants, sealants, molding compounds and cleaners. These high-tech products comply with relevant standards of the photovoltaic industry and are widely used in a range of applications from silicon wafer production to the installation of huge solar arrays. 

Henkel photovoltaic products are specifically designed for:

  •  crystalline and thinfilm module production, including junction box potting/fixturing/bonding/sealing, module framing/mounting, and electrically conductive bonding
  •  concentrator module production, including solar cell bonding, housing assembly, and glass/PMMA lens bonding and sealing
  •  frameless thinfilm module production, including frameless sealing and module mounting
  • building integrated photovoltaic solutions with flexible modules, including laminating on plastic or metal panels, laminating on flexible roofing membranes, weather/UV protection, and junction box potting and bonding.