Sortasaurus Trux Line Of Recycling Carts Promotes Accurate Sorting During Collection


Recycling product manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne
Co., Ashtabula, Ohio ( has introduced the
Sortasaurus Trux line of recycling collection carts. Developed to
promote recycling in the workplace and streamline the sorting process
for recycling processors, the new Sortasaurus Trux collection carts
feature three individual compartments to permit plastic, glass,
metals, paper, or different grades of the same material, to be
separated at the point of collection rather than manually during processing.

The new carts comprise three, durable, vinyl liners set within a
weather-resistant, powder coated steel frame on a combination wood
and steel base with industrial strength casters as standard. For ease
of use by virtually anyone, the Sortasaurus Trux carts are designed
with a novel vinyl liner system that replaces easy to lose clips in
favor of a rugged Velcro system that makes removing the liners for
unloading recyclables and reinstalling the liners fast and easy.

  The new Sortasaurus Trux carts are available in 12- and 18-bushel
capacities. A choice of six standard and custom colors is offered.
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