Source Capture Solutions Brochure


United Air Specialists, Inc. (UAS) has published a new Source Capture Solutions brochure which describes their extraction arms, telescopic arms, extraction hoods and source capture accessories product offerings. The most effective and energy-efficient way to control nuisance airborne emissions is to collect the pollutant at or near the source of generation. Using extraction arms, hoods and accessories from UAS, manufacturers can: 
  • Reduce facility cleaning and maintenance by preventing pollutant migration
  • Improve worker health by protecting the breathing zone from harmful pollutants resulting in higher productivity plus lower absenteeism due to illness
  • Lower operation costs by capturing contaminants at the source which requires the least amount of energy consumption. 
UAS extraction arms and hoods can be connected to UAS’ wide range of central system and work station dust and mist collectors for fully automated control and capture of airborne pollutants. 
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