SP 3400 Four-Point Series Stockpicker Designed for Maximum Productivity


Unique challenges require unique solutions. When it comes to lifting and picking large, bulky and heavy loads in narrow aisles, Crown’s SP 3400 Series is the answer. No other stockpicker matches the lift height, capacity and very narrow-aisle capabilities that the Crown SP 3400 Four-Point Series offers its users in non-standard applications.

Often stockpicking applications require operators to work on the edge of the platform at heights nearly three stories high. When working at heights exceeding 30 feet, operators need a stable truck to contend with large, bulky and heavy loads. The SP 3400 Four-Point Series handles these challenging loads on four wheels instead of three. Its unique Load Path Stability Design stabilizes the load and decreases any sway, leading to a confident, more productive operator.

Technological innovations from Crown boost operator confidence in the SP 3400 Four-Point Series Stockpicker. Crown’s exclusive Access™ traction control module maintains precise operation and control by continuously monitoring the operator platform, height, speed, travel direction, steer wheel position and other system functions. In addition, the patented Intelligent Braking System (IBS) is integrated with the traction control module to assure smooth braking at all heights.

Crown’s InfoPoint® system provides additional value to the customer by simplifying maintenance. This system ensures faster, simpler and higher quality service, increasing uptime and lowering the total cost of ownership.

“The Crown Four-Point Series handles non-standard loads with ease,” said Crown Product Manager Rod Squires. “It offers stability and narrow aisle advantages that enhance productivity and save valuable warehouse space.”

The SP 3400 Four-Point Series also incorporates the same mast construction, exceptional visibility, spacious platform, intuitive controls and display as Crown’s industry-leading SP 3400 Three-Point Series.

The SP 3400 Four-Point Series is available in three models: SP 3470F, SP 3480F Platform and SP 3480F Cart Handling.
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