SPC Spill Control Catalog


Brady announces a new SPC spill control catalog. The 67-page catalog features Brady’s complete line of SPC spill containment and cleanup products, as well as more than 50 new products. It also includes improved product information with cost-saving worksheets, spill control guides and product application photos.   

Catalog features expanded product line of spill control products In addition to Brady’s current line of spill control products, this catalog features a wide range of new spill containment and spill cleanup products, including basic universal pads, rolls and SOCS, basic oil-only pads and rolls, TAA compliant 30-gallon and 65-gallon spill kits, Re-Form™ granular absorbents, storage carts and cabinets, and more.   

The catalog also includes easy-to-use product charts that explain the proper applications, durability, construction and cost for universal, oil-only, chemical and eco-friendly materials. Product recommendations, surveys and worksheets aid product selection To help customers select the right spill control products for their facility, the catalog features an application selection guide, cost-savings comparison guide, chemical application guide and spill procedure guide, which identifies the proper steps a customer should take if a spill occurs. 

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