SPD Modules Provide Over-Voltage Transient Suppression


Raycap Inc., a leader in
transient voltage surge suppression technology, has developed a
surge protection device (SPDs) that provides continuous protection
from over-voltage and other transient voltage activity for
industrial equipment such as variable speed drives (VSDs),
programmable logic controls (PLCs) and power cabinets.
Designated Strikesorb, the SPD modules are designed to protect
equipment from lightning strikes, power surges and spikes without
performance deterioration.Strikesorb modules are available in a
wide range of voltage and packaging configurations to protect
sensitive equipment and electronics.

Strikesorb modules meet the demanding requirements of IEC 61643-1
and UL 1449 2nd Edition - dated February 7, 2007 - without the use
of internal fuses. Fuses used in other surge protection devices can
compromise the protection capabilities of the SPD system.
Strikesorb's unique fuseless design and its capability to withstand
high short-circuit currents allow direct installation on busbars,
precluding the need to install additional fuses or interconnection
wires. Because Strikesorb modules provide uninterrupted protection
against repeated surges in harsh environments, it can extend the
operating life of the industrial equipment, as it is never left
unprotected from transient activity.

"Our Strikesorb modules have successfully passed 3-cycle testing
at available short circuit currents of up to 100kA.  The SPD can
easily be integrated in equipment without the need to conduct
additional UL testing," said Jeff Gibbons, VP Sales and Marketing
at Raycap Inc. "Because equipment that incorporates Strikesorb
modules do not require further UL 1449 testing in order to meet
UL Listing requirements, equipment manufacturers can save
money while getting their products to market faster."

Unlike other SPD systems that employ parallel arrays of smaller
conventional metal oxide varistors (MOVs) or silicon avalanche
diodes (SADs), Strikesorb modules are comprised of a single,
large distribution-grade MOV disc in an environmentally sealed
aluminum housing that provides uniform distribution of the surge
current over the total area of the MOV protection element. This
results in a high-energy handling capability combined with ultra-low
let-through voltage to the industrial equipment.  The monolithic
design also provides a straight electrical path directly to the
suppression element, providing extremely low contact resistance
and a superior heat dissipation mechanism to prevent aging and
premature failures of the SPD.
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