Special Introductory Price for Techno's New Custom Tooling Kits


Techno, Inc. is pleased to announce (6) New Custom Application Tooling Kits at a special introductory price through their redesigned CNC Cutting Tools eStore. With over 22+ years of cnc router experience, Techno designed these six new Tooling Kits with the understanding that different routing applications require different cutting tools. "Each kit is unique and geared towards specific applications," says Ray Jakas, CNC Cutting Tools Sales Manager. "The Nested-based, Solid Wood, Sign Makers, Nonferrous Upcut, Nonferrous Downcut, and Plastic Tooling Kits all come with high-quality, precision cutting tools neatly stored in a custom wooden case." Techno's new tooling kits offer both novice and experienced professionals complete tooling packages at one low price. Nested-based kits provide continuity and accuracy for cabinetry applications while the Solid Wood kits route hardwoods with speed and accuracy. Sign Maker kits prove perfect for routing, carving, lettering, and grooving. Both Nonferrous Metal Upcut and Downcut kits utilize the "O" Flute geometry efficiently performing in a conventional, one-pass machining environment. Plastic Tool kits are made from a solid carbide material ideal for producing smooth cuts in acrylics and a variety of other plastics.
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