Special System Improves Tooling Insert Handling Productivity and Quality Control


Modular Tooling Systems in Troy, Michigan has developed a special method for controlling and handling tooling inserts. At the heart of the system is a compact tool-changing bench with molded compartments for: 6 different sizes of inserts, Allen wrenches, torque keys, and a small bin for dull inserts. A vertical panel holds printed instruction sheets for matching the tooling inserts to the proper machining operation.

Each table is only 24"x 24" and can be bolted to the floor next to each machine. It is the most efficient method for keeping track of inserts and tools. Work areas are neater and tool changing is quicker.

Modular Tooling Systems provides CMM enclosures, air conditioning clean rooms, noise abatement enclosures, clay modeling fixtures, workstations, machine guarding, conveyors and special production machines and clamping units. Enclosures can be installed on-site or individual components can be delivered for in-house set up.
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